Kingo Series 

The New KINGO Series with dual sliding door and 3.0L CDTi engine is available in 4 variants.

Kingo Plus

6 meter length with spacious body and 18 seater capacity.


5.4 meter length with 15 seater capacity

Kingo UTE (Windows)

Basic windows van for customization & special needs.

Kingo UTE (Panel)

Large storage capacity with payload more than 1 tonne and 9.2m³

All Kingo is fitted with projector headlamp for better vision during night driving and safety of the users.

Kingo and Kingo Plus come with 16″ alloy rim to give you more presence on the road.

Kingo Headlamp
Kingo LED

Mirror your smartphone and access your favourite apps including Waze through the touch screen.*

*Only for Kingo & Kingo Plus.