Co-Star Roadtour

1st Sept - 31 Oct 2020

Co-Star Nationwide Roadtour

Free test drive at our roadtour and redeems our CAM limited edition merchandise!

Protect + Package worth RM8000 to be give away


Free Mechandise

Experience it

Free Test Drive

Protect + Package

Get protected with every purchase of Co-Star

Protect + Package

Your safety always our main concern

Package of protection feature item worth RM8000 to be give away for every purchase of CAM Co-Star!

Premium Dual Layer Flooring Protection Carpet

Easy maintenance & cleaning


Water Resistant

Comfort & Hygiene

Smart Headunit

Android Auto / Car Play ready


Dual camera with recording features for safety

Run Flat Tyre Protection by Tyron, UK

Tyron allows you to get to a place of safety after a blow out.

Air + Surface Sterilizer

Ensure your vehicle is clean and safe for everyone

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